Who are we

The YOUTH4MPAs comprise a group of African marine enthusiasts from all walks of life, with one common goal - to advocate for the proclamation and expansion of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in our oceans.


Youth4MPAs Mission Statement

To capacitate, encourage and support youth voices that educate and create awareness about ocean health, protection, and its sustainability, while building youth capacity and professional and/or strategic relationships within the African Continent and global citizens.

Youth4MPAs Vision

The Youth for Marine Protected Areas thrives on ensuring that South Africa reaches agreements to protect its ocean space. We envision having a sustainable future where marine life and society benefit from the presence of MPAs. We aim to empower South African youth to be advocates of nature conservation in support of the UN Sustainable goals.

How can you join the steering committee:

To become part of the Youth4MPAs Steering Committee an individual would first need to join the network. When positions within the steering committee become available, this would be advertised to the Youth4MPAs network along with a call for submissions. All members are eligible to apply to become part of the steering committee, however the committee reserves the right to accept or reject an application.

If you/your application is shortlisted, you will be requested to join an interview, after which a collective decision would be made by the committee.

Steering Committee positions are advertised on the Youth4MPAs WhatsApp groups.

African Youth Summit 2021

The 2021 African Youth Summit Objectives were to:

  • Mobilise the African Youth, allowing them to take ownership of the global 30x30 agenda, and to unpack this initiative from an African perspective.
  • Build capacity, learning and knowledge sharing for the youth across the African continent.
  • Provide a platform for youth to engage with various stakeholders, by facilitating a number of discussion sessions.
  • Foster a consortium of young environmentally conscious leaders across the African continent.